The Photo Dept: My YouTube Channel

I never thought I would start a YouTube channel and join the rest of the "YouTubers", but here I am.


I blame Christine. She has an awesome channel ( and she was gracious enough to invite me on as a guest to talk with her about my five favorite cameras. I was actually pretty nervous. She has a really large subscriber base and I've never really been on camera, especially in front of such a large audience. It was super fun, painless, and the video turned out great.

After we finished shooting, she mentioned in passing that I should start a channel. hen I asked why, she said that the way I talk about photography is disarming, easy to understand, and not overly technical, and people would like that. I realized she was right, most photography channels on YouTube while incredibly entertaining, are geared mostly towards hobbyists and pros, not for beginners or people who have never used a real camera before. 


So, about a month later and after a lot of research and preparation, my first video is released tomorrow morning. It was really fun to make and almost as fun editing. There is a blooper reel almost as long as the video itself. I am very lucky to get to collaborate with some really talented people. Hopefully my enthusiasm for photography will come through, and I can really help at least one person feel confident enough to take that leap into photography.


I will be using this blog to post companion posts to my videos with images, articles, how-to's tips, and other stuff.

Here we go.